The Five Stone Question

It’s been about two weeks since my last post, my bad. I wanted to drop in and share a tip I recently found online.

I read “The First 20 Hours” where the author talks about learning to play Go. He mentions a tip he picked up in his research called the “Five Stone Question.”

Quite simply, the tip goes that if you ask this set of questions before each move you make, you’ll instantly gain five stones in skill. You have to ask them in order, and act on them in order. If nothing can be done for question one, then you go to question two, and so on.

The Questions:

  1. Can I ensure one of my groups lives? (By forming two eyes, connecting, etc.)
  2. Can I kill one of my opponents groups?
  3. Can I secure my territory?
  4. Can I invade my opponents territory?

Have fun!