Game Review, 19k

I derped all over, fair warning. Here’s the link to the full game:

I’m white. I’ve never really seen someone open like this. He walls off the entire middle with some territory to the left, while I get influence on the top, bottom, and right side. I think that at this point I’m in the stronger position, but it’s hard to say for sure.

He tries to break up my territory in the top, but I connect the two pieces that were at 7E and 8D, and then manage to surround his two intruders at F7 and F8.

He expands his middle wall into my territory, but I defend my pieces by connecting them to what’s becoming a base in the top right. I realize around this point though that he’s totally unanswered in the left side, and I don’t have a good way to break in there. It will make getting any of that territory extremely difficult.

We play more along the bottom, and I try expanding to the top to break up his influence there. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because this move is a “thank you” move since he wanted to take the piece at E3 already.

After he captures my stone at E3, I try to expand my group at D5 and D6 but he blocks at B5. That group is dead, so I expand along the top left trying to reduce his territory some. I have no idea how I could have infiltrated his left side at this point… I needed to do it earlier.

We go back and forth some more in the bottom right, and I manage to capture a few of his invading pieces giving me a stronger hold on the right. He plays at J6, but there’s really no way he can get a capture or two eyes so I’ll ignore it.

I try a few more times to break into his territory but am unsuccessful, and we end here with him having a considerable lead over me.


  1. Take sente (initiative) early, don’t let them dictate the game and push into your territory
  2. Don’t make thank you moves!