Game Analysis 3, ~19kyu vs. 16kyu

I’m skipping ahead to more recent games. Also it turned out there was a problem with how online-go was calculating ratings, so I bumped up to 19kyu. Here’s a link to this full game:

Here are the first six moves. I’m black. The first three were to the corners, then on 4 he played at D7. I applied pressure with E7, but that was a mistake. Look at the influence he now (roughly) has from that one move counter-threatening my piece. I lost influence towards the bottom, as well as some influence on the top. It was a very good move on his part.

I applied some counter pressure on top, then blocked his expansion downwards. This secured me a bit more space on the bottom, but doesn’t solve my problem on top. He still has more territory influence than I do, which is bad when you add in Komi.

We finish building towards the top, and play a few moves in the lower middle. As you can see (sorry for swapping the colors) he clearly has the dominant position.

At this point I actually have a very slight territory advantage (30-26) but that would have still been a loss with komi. I placed an aggressive piece at C2 which he took.

My move at E1 was a mistake, I didn’t have to do it right away and I could have blocked the attack at F5. This is kinda where things go to shit.

Another mistake, this stone at F3 let him continue the snake into my base and eventually lets him put some pieces in Atari.

Because of that mistake he was able to kill off my group on the bottom and most of my territory. I tried expanding into his area, but it didn’t accomplish anything.

So I lost this one pretty badly.

Key Takeaways

  1. Don’t be aggressive early if it’s going to let them secure extra area
  2. Let a piece go early to go secure other areas
  3. Don’t make a move if there’s another move available that you won’t be able to make later