9×9, 13×13, 19×19

Go is traditionally played on a 19×19 board. On a 19×19 board, there are 361 spots you can play a piece at, though most games last 200-250 moves.

Games on a board that size will frequently be a minimum of 45 minutes, with many going into the hours. It would be hard to learn at that slow a pace, with each iteration requiring 45 minutes or more.

Luckily, because of Go’s rules, you can play it on smaller boards as well. 9×9 boards, with only 81 spaces, are popular among beginners. They’re also excellent for practicing the endgame strategy I’m focusing on. Since they only have ~1/4 the spaces, they tend to last ~1/4 as long, and can be comfortably played in 15 minutes.

For my Go game analyses in the beginning, I’ll likely play a lot of 9×9 games.